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Greenock Creek Cornerstone Grenache 2015 750ml, Barossa Valley


We should not forget that this very old Grenache patch is part of the original Roennfeldt Vineyard. In spite of Grenache never being Michael's favourite variety, these vines were amongst the first of the bunch to push Grenache as an equal to more prestigious varieties.


We did good having a vigneron so respectful of provenance in the face of instant fashion and fad. While he kept the price down, our winemaking stonemason called it Cornerstone from the start. Whatever his belief, Michael's always made a gorgeous drink from these ancient vines. All these wines are geotranslocators: they spirit me to particular places ... this one emerges through whitepepper and bitter cherry glacé ... a pickle for turkey or octopus ... then dangles me between the blue and white of Greece ... squeeze a bit more lemon on the lamb ... yeah, go on: there's enough acidity here to handle more lemon on the lamb ...


This is not nutty, brittle, Pinot-like Grenache. This is all plush silky syrup. It's sensual and fleshy with no bones showing. Face cream. It has an illusion of sweetness and it's polished like a lacquered Japanese screen. It has prune purée and blueberry liqueur; framboise ... I dunno, now I'm thinking of tea-smoked duck with a sauce of soy, anchovy and onions. I wouldn't be able to talk much whilst I had this in my glass.Philip White, 2016

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