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Craneford  Merlot 2005 750ml, Barossa Valley

Craneford Merlot 2005 750ml, Barossa Valley

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A mouthfilling wine of style and elegance.
Soft, fine grain tannins integrate with new French
oak characters creating a palate full of red berry
and plum characters and an earthy, spicy nose.
Craneford wines is housed in the old country fire station building in Truro Barossa Valley.Cranefords old basket press it unfailingly used for all our red wine production.A somewhat old and outdated process.Craneford persists with this slow and old almost tedious pressings of the fruit as it results in wines of elegance and fruit purity and the ancient yet reliable is testamony to that.Merlot grown in the Barossa Valley of South Australia creates rich supple wines of velvet silkiness softness superb balance and structure.The traditional characters of this great red wine variety are shown at their best in the Barossa Valley

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